Naruto 689 – Read Naruto 689 Chapter

It is said (by old Madara I think) that if Obito eyes Naruto 689 are to be put together again to work in cooperation, they would be stronger than all Uchiha eyes. I was waiting for that to happen, and it didnt happen when Obito and Kakashi worked together (just bit faster kamui), it didnt happened when Obito got both eyes in his head, and maybe it is happening now. Now that Obito and Kakashi spirits are working together in Kakashi body.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

My understanding is that Obito and Kakashi spirits are driving Kakashi body like Jaeger now. Kakashi chakra is not alone, and he has tentail jinchuuriki partner.
Once the fight is over, Obito will go back to Rin. Thus temporary powerup.

It is also said that MS eyes go EMS when you give them to someone, so if you consider this is gift from Obito to Kakashi this explains Susanoo, for those who complain about the wings, well maybe that is how Kakashi is better then Sasuke/Madara who had to train and nourish hate. This is Susano born of Love Whats the problem with Kakashi. He and Obito possed the MS longer than Itachi and Sasuke combined. Yes Sasuke and Itachi are both Uchiha genius, even better than Shisui (probably) and on the level of Madara.

But Obito is no slouch (beware the pun! ) either in terms of ability. And Kakashis ability in terms of being a genius exceeds most Ninjas in the manga, probably even Sasuke and Itachi. Yes it sounds bold, but lets remember who Kakashi is. He graduated academy age 5 and became a chunin age 6. At that age Itachi hasnt even graduated academy, even if he already reasoned like a Hokage. Both are awesome, but in terms of pure talent, Kakashi is the real deal. I am not suprised at all he was quickly able to use the final form. Remember that he is proficent with the MS and Sharingan, as well as Obito. So that combined with Kakashis incredible talent and skill, its not a suprise at all. Besindes, he has Senju and Uchiha chakra now.


Naruto Chapter 689 – Obito went inside Kakashi in chakra form

Naruto fans should watch out for the Naruto 689 spoiler and keep coming here to check the latest Naruto 689 chapter scans. Naruto manga 656 is heading towards one more of its beautiful chapter which is yet to release this Wednesday.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

It’s just funny that obito used kamui to travel between “inner worlds”. I’m ok with Kakashi getting some sharingan love but two? And he knows how to use Susanoo right away? Well maybe he copied it from Sasuke.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kakashi and wish him the best showcasing but I gotta admit this is as blatant as Fanservice goes. Nope, not a whole lot of manga left folks. He didn’t go back in time. Rather, Obito went inside Kakashi in chakra form and all those things we see is happening inside Kakashi’s spirit.

The reason we see them in there younger appearance is because it was at that age when they were friends and everything that have happened to them after that had separated them. So, that younger appearance represents the time of their bond of being friends.And the eyeball transplantation gets even more faster. You can do it easily. Even after you’re already dead. Why doesn’t the whole Shinobi Planet not just transfer everything they’ve got to Naruto?

Naruto Manga 688 – Black zetsu with sasuke

R.I.P. Obito..Such a sad chapter… Naruto 688 Manga  I wish he talked more with Kakashi before he died. Like when they were kids. The last pages with Rin were very moving.

So, no sharingan for Kakashi.

I am wondering when there will be development of SO6P and the Hokage, I am really curious about their plan. I guess if the next chapter is ”Naruto’s anger”, we won’t see them in that chapter either.

naruto manga 688

naruto manga 688

Well It is a good chapter heart breaking but heartwarming obito may have died but at least he says his last words to naruto to accomplish his dream which is similar to his when he was young ‘become a great hokage’ which gives naruto more encouragement and a chance that he will defeat kaguya and black zetsu with sasuke,Lets hope the future chapters will have the hokages along with Hagoromo bring them back from kaguya diemsnional world world trap and also free the people from the infinite tsukiyomi .
And we hope that the series in about few motnhs so that we can see what is considered to be Naruto’s final movie ‘The Last’.its understandable ,in my opinion ,why Naruto would forgive Obito, he was already partially taught to not hold grudges from his time with Nagato. even though Obito killed his parents, Naruto never really got a chance to know them well at all. 

but… i don’t know what Kakashi and Sakura are suppose to do at this point… i mean i guess they could give out tactical advice… idk what Kishi was hinting at.