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His upper half not being able to move does not prevent the lower half from moving, as was clearly shown. Seriously, how could he have been defeated when we are literally shown he was capable of still fighting? That would be like someone trying to claim that when Naruto and Sasuke got knocked down by Obito, it was his win, and completely ignoring what was shown right after.

naruto manga 622

naruto manga 622

The argument remains the same, given that’s it’s specifically about his overall plan. You could only claim it was luck if you could prove that either Black Zetsu was of no possible help in any other way or that only Naruto/Sasuke were capable of defeating Obito and without them Madara would have been beaten, neither of which are possible or even reasonable. You shouldn’t be repeating them at all, since I already pointed out the translations varies. Unless you were able to establish that the translation you tried to use was the closest in meaning, it’s not proof. And unfortunately, as far as trusted translations go.Edo tensei madara could have probably bitchslapped obito.

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Naruto to posses any particular Senju/Uzumaki powers Naruto 661 manga. Any moment from now, naruto 661 spoiler and naruto manga 661 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 661 raw and mangazone for the naruto 661 English scans.

He’s basically Naruto’s disciple which means he’ll surpass or should/would surpass him one day. Learning Rasengan shouldn’t be a big surprise. Minato was a genius to come up with the jutsu…not saying it is the hardest to do.
Adding an element to it is what takes it to an S rank jutsu…in which no one had done besides a bijuu,learning it is not so much hard as it is to take it to where naruto has done,like how sasuke took kakashi’s chidori to the next level.



Sadly Kishimoto has not allowed Naruto to posses any particular Senju/Uzumaki powers beside an unusually large amount of chakra, and the ability to tolerate the Kyuubi’s chakra.In this “Madara’s asession“, one wonders whether Madara is to be allowed to actually capture at least Half of the Kyuubi, unlike Obito. One wonders whether Madara would actually become the Jinchuuriki of the Juubi, and If so, one wonders how terrible he will become, and how the alliance could possibly stop him. One also wonders just how long the series will continue, and how Kishi will wrap things up.In any case, there are things to watch out for in the next chapter or two.What did Kurama say to Gaara,What will Obito do as a dying effort. But the overriding question is just how far Kishi intends to let Madara go on his quest to become the next SO6P/Juubi Jinchuuriki, along with his moon’s eye plan.

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If Sasuke eats the forbidden fruit and Naruto becomes exactly like the Sage Naruto 661 manga. Any moment from now, naruto 661 spoiler and naruto manga 661 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 661 raw and mangazone for the naruto 661 English scans.

I know it’s definitely been said but Sasuke already has the power of Uzumaki in him from living off Karin’s blood. I mean Uzumaki blood in Nagato was enough for him to be able to use the rinnegan, Same should apply to Sasuke.

naruto chapter 661

naruto manga 661

I really like the Shukaku/Garaa development. Wonder who that old monk was and his master too! And so the tattoo that was on his hand is also on Garaa’s forehead? It means love or something right? Cba to look it up atm. Still disliking Madara’s OPness. But whatever, this is what Kishi wanted all along. But i do am wondering what will happen next? What did Kurama told Garaa? It is at least going to be interesting. did we forgot the Fourth can pretty much teleport? And Raikage is sickly fast too? Please he could’ve gotten help IF Kishi decided he needed it. So plot is pretty much saving Madara. Could u imagine 10 Kages (4 edo’s and if we count Oro as the Kage of the village of Sound) with Naru, Bee, Sasuke and all the other biuji’s attacking Madara like they are on blood lust? Even this OP **** cant handle that. But okay lets see where Kishi is going with this. Double edit: Ofcourse, since Madara got back maybe only a few minutes has past (this is what i take, since Madara and others where talking), that is waaaaaay more then enough for the fast mofo’s that are near (Raikage/Forth/Second) to run towards Madara and back to their position.